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Weight Loss That Works. Success You Can Maintain!

If you are looking for an effective weight loss program in Chino Valley AZ consider joining us on the HCG plan.

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We have had over 3000 lbs lost on the Bowen Chiropractic Get Healthy Challenge! Awesome Job everyone! Don’t forget if you refer others for Chiro Care or HCG you will receive 0 towards treatments or products!

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WHY HCG MAX in Chino Valley AZ?

  • Proven – It works!
  • Maintenance Product After Weight Loss
  • Grocery List and Meal Planning
  • Dr. Supervised
  • Critical Detox Product for Flushing of Fat Toxins

The HCG Max Diet Plan is the updated HCG Simeons Diet designed to get better long-term results! The HCG Max Diet Plan isn’t just HCG. The plan consists of 3 custom-formulated products with over 70 natural ingredients designed to help MAXIMUM weight loss; emotional eating issues; and better long-term results than with just HCG and “willpower” alone. In clinical trials, HCG Max Diet Plan continues to produce better results than any HCG homeopathic or HCG prescription tested. It has been developed from more than a decade of research resulting in a more comprehensive approach to weight loss.

HCG Max Diet Plan includes:

  • 6-week supply of HCG Max which is now in a lotion with raspberry keytones for firming and elasticity of the skin. – lose up to 30 pounds*
  • Liquid Detox Drops for better detoxification of toxins from fat. This is a very critical part of the diet which will help the body eliminate toxins and help with your energy level.
  • 3-week supply of STA-LEAN – used after the HCG MAX Diet to help keep the weight off!
  • Guidelines; directions; and coaching – through phone, email, or text.
  • Shopping lists, revised HCG Diet, food tracking charts, and recipes.
  • The value is significant and the results are extraordinary!

It is not recommended that you purchase HCG off the internet!

*Results are typical but no guarantees are made

The detox (for toxins in the fat) is one of the aspects that makes this system supersede all others. With the Doctors’ counsel for any questions or medical issues, this is the best system out there and is the key to weight loss and wellness success!


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