In my office you will experience personalized care which will be tailored to your specific wellness plan. I offer a through examination, full spine nervous system check along with any necessary x-rays which are done in office. These services are offered at a minimal cost to you. I offer a range of services to best treat your condition and get optimal healing. This may include some of the many muscle or deep tissue therapies we may offer, custom foot orthotics, physiotherapy modalities, decompression therapy, nutrition analysis or personalized exercises. I will recommend the best treatment for your individual situation. You may choose relief treatment, corrective treatment or total wellness. My goal is to get you well or to your ultimate best which ever you choose.

We offer many types of discounted treatment plans, family plans or individual plans.

Thank you for your support since 2000. We love our community and look forward to your visit. Please stop by to visit our beautiful new facility anytime.

Yours In Health

Dr. Robert Bowen